The world of mattresses has long been stained by the 167,000 tonnes of waste it produces each year. The EKO Mattress promises to challenge these industry norms and become a fully sustainable mattress brand.

We plan to achieve this by working closely with local councils, recycling centres and customers to ensure NONE of our mattresses end up in landfills. Not only this but we will continue to recycle and reconstitute old foam into the bottom layer of our mattresses.

We don’t see old mattresses as waste, but the building blocks of a greener tomorrow.

Saving the planet, comfortably.

The Hybrid Pillow


The hybrid pillow is our most luxurious pillow yet; formed with 22mm our high end Vasco(tm) memory foam encasing a delightful 50/50 duck feather and down core. The best option for those seeking a supportive pillow with the comfort of a traditional feather pillow.



A combination of dense, shape forming, space technology memory foam. Encasing a luxurious feather and down pillow. The combined areas of comfort create an unbeatable comfort which is unmatched in the pillow market.

The fully UK manufactured pillows offer a guaranteed satisfaction and will transport you to a sleep like no other.

Vasco 55kg – Memory foam – fully fireproof and orthopaedic tested

Feathers – 50 50 feather and down combination. Sourced from France and NOT from China.

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One Pillow – £50, Two Pillows – £80

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